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Cheats game Ultimate Ninja 5: Naruto Shippuden PS2

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Access the listed characters by doing the tasks listed below.  To unlock the support
characters in VS. Game Mode, defeat the characters in STORY MODE that turn into wooden
dummies when beaten.

Sasori Hiruko - Beat Sasori Hiruko in Master (Story) Mode

Kabuto - Beat Kabuto in Master (Story) Mode

Yamato - Beat Sai in Master (Story) Mode

Deidara - Beat Deidara in Master (Story) Mode

Chiyo with Puppets - Beat Sasori True Form in Master (Story) Mode with Chiyo

Sasori True Form - Beat Sasori True Form in Master (Story) Mode

Itachi - Beat Itachi in Master (Story) Mode

Kisame - Beat Kisame in Master (Story) Mode

TS Sasuke - Beat him in Master (Story) Mode

TS Kiba, TS Hinata, TS Shino, TS Ino, and TS Choji - Perform the story line in
which Naruto reunites with them

Sai - Beat Sai in Master (Story) Mode

Orochimaru - Beat Orochimaru in Master (Story) Mode

Sasuke - Beat Sasuke in Master (Story) Mode

Chiyo - Meet her in Master (Story) Mode
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Alternate Character Forms    

Sucessfully complete Master (Story) Mode and enter Vs. Mode; press R1 to select the
alternate form for a character that has been previously unlocked. Note that Not all
character's have alternate forms.


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